photo by Stephen Rahn

Hey, all of you pickleball enthusiasts…Are you looking to up your pickleball game while visiting the well-known New England resort community of Cape Cod? Try paddle boarding.
By now you’ve probably heard that this relatively new activity of pickleball is all the rage…or maybe you’ve been playing for a few years and you’re already addicted to the sport of pickleball.  Well, you’re not alone. According to the 2023 APP Tour’s Pickleball Participation Report, there are 36.5 million pickleball players in the United States. People of all ages are enjoying this fun game.
So now you’re wondering why would I pregame pickleball with paddleboarding. (Try saying that 3x fast) It’s pretty obvious what the key differences are so what in the world do pickleball & paddle boarding have in common, besides both being a paddle sport? More than you might think.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fun way to train your sense of balance while improving your strength. It requires focus, and balance and incorporates a wide variety of muscle groups while maintaining an upright posture. It’s also an amazingly peaceful way to experience the beauty of Cape Cod.  Paddle Boarding translates directly to pickleball. With its elements of tennis, you always need to stay balanced on the courts while using your strength and focus to move your upper body through backhand and forehand swings during a shot. Not to mention all that fancy footwork required to follow the ball, especially if you’re playing singles. There is a good chance that players of all skill levels from beginner pickleball players to advanced players of all ages will enjoy stand-up paddle boarding.
So if you’re looking for something to do this summer on Cape Cod try stand-up paddle boarding with Peace Love SUP. We offer private lessons, group tours, and can accommodate special events as well.  Players of all levels from beginners to the seasoned athlete will see just how much your game improves along with how much fun you can have. Afterward check out these website listings of dedicated pickleball courts in the areas of Osterville – West Barnstable Rd., Dennis, Wellfleet, Harwich, Mashpee, and Marstons Mills or search Massachusetts pickleball listing for additional court location.