Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive?

If everyone in your party has completed the payment and waivers prior to the scheduled start time, then getting on the water should be a quick process. Plan to arrive about 5 minutes early. 

If you still need to complete payment or waivers, then 10 minutes early should be sufficient.

What should I bring?

Peace Love SUP will supply all of the paddling gear (board, paddle, PFD). You may want to bring sunscreen, water, sunglasses, bug spray, and a towel. You may also wish to bring a change of clothes in case you decide to take a swim.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Generally, a swimsuit or loose-fitting clothing will work. You may wish to bring along a hat and T-shirt for additional protection from the sun. Water shoes are not required, but you may wear them if you prefer.

Sunglasses will also be helpful to keep your eyes comfortable. 

What Level Of Physical Fitness Should I Have Before Taking A Tour Or Class?

Your SUP experience can be whatever you choose to make it.  SUP can be a great workout, involving upper body and core stability actions. You can choose to paddle hard and fast to build strength and endurance or maybe you’d rather go for a gentle and leisurely paddle. However, you choose to experience stand up paddleboarding you should know that it is accessible to almost every level of fitness.  If you can move confidently from an all-fours position on the floor into an upright standing posture than you will definitely be stand up paddleboarding with ease in the first 5 minutes of your class.

SUP yoga classes involve a bit more balance and flexibility but don’t let that deter you from trying it.  These classes are catered to the individuals so whether you are an experienced yogi looking to take your practice into the elements or a first-time yoga student, all are welcome.  Enjoy an amazing view and the gentle rocking motion of the water as your body becomes more in rhythm with your breath.

Where Are You Located?

Peace Love SUP is a mobile business. As we focus solely on tours and experiences, we do not have a storefront. When you book a tour or rental, we will meet you at the start location. 

Essentially, Peace Love SUP is everywhere. We can create an outstanding experience close to wherever you are staying. You made the trip to Cape Cod. Now let us come to you.

Do I need to know how to swim?

In short, yes.  Stand up paddleboarding may take you to waters that are above your head and you will want to be comfortable in the water in the chance that you decide to take a swim.  It is required that all boards have PFDs on deck which Peace Love SUP will provide.  A leash is also used that attaches from the back of your board to your ankle so that you will always be in touch with your board.

Can I plan a custom experience that is not on the calendar?

Of course. If you do not see a date or time that suits your group, just call and we can arrange a different start time and location. 

SUP tours are easy to customize. Bike tours are usually dependent on the tide, but we can generally flex the start time by an hour or two and still have a great experience.

Will classes still be held in inclement weather?

The weather is ever changing here on Cape Cod but as a general rule if the winds are mild (below 13 mph) and the temps moderate we will hold classes.  Light rains don’t tend to deter us either.  It’s important that we have your cell phone number on file so that if we need to reschedule due to inclement weather (heavy rains, high winds, etc) we can reach you.  You will be notified of any cancellations no later than 1 hour before your class or tour is scheduled to start.

Did we answer all of your questions?

If any of your questions have not been answered, please feel free to call or text me at (508) 360-6032.

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